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Using A&O rubs on Fish by BBQ Bill

20 Sep Using A&O rubs on Fish by BBQ Bill

As you may know I cook a lot of fish outdoors and on my collection of barbecues, this can be over charcoal on one of my ceramics, in the wood fired pellet grill or on one of the wood fired ovens. I have been using A&O rubs for some time now and found they are particularly good on oily fish which suits bbq cooking. In this article I provide a few simple ideas for cooking fish on the bbq using some of my favourite A&O rubs.

‘The General’

This rub has some key ingredients which make it works fantastically with fish, these are the hint of chilli heat and the fennel seed. When I cook this I always choose the piece with the most fennel seeds on it as it this that pops in the mouth and makes it for me.

Planked sea trout – soak a cedar or alder plank for a couple of hours before you are ready to cook and ensure your fish fillets fit on the planks. Set up a lidded bbq to cook direct at a medium temperature up to 180-200c. Place the fillets on the plank season with the rub and place directly on the grill grates. You are looking for an internal temperature on the fish of 65-70°c when the fish will be cooked through and remain moist.

Other methods are using whole mackerel or sea trout covered with the rub and placing these in a tray or cast iron pan into a hot wood fired oven at circa 250-300c.The skin will blister, char and go crispy this looks and taste fabulous using The General Rub.

Wood Fired Mackerel with The General rub.

Wood fired Seatrout with The General cooked in a cast iron pan.

Other methods in rubbing the flesh surface of fillet portions of salmon or sea trout to be directly grilled or grilled on a flat cast iron planch style surface.

Salmon grilled direct on the Big Green Egg coated with The General.

Moo Mami

I use this rub to provide a base layer of umami savoury flavour to meat either for grilling or low and slow such as brisket. However, it also gives an equally intense umami hit on meaty oily fish.  The best use I have found is on seared tuna steak when cooked on a flat cast iron planch style surface over hot charcoal.  Just sprinkle the surfaces with an even light coating of the rub and grill to your liking for and extra deep umami hit.

BBQ Bill or Bill Gardner is a BBQ enthusiast who has been cooking outdoors for over 15 years. I cook with charcoal on all styles of bbq, live fire, wood fired pellet grills and also use hot/cold smoking to create food and meals with a depth of flavour that come from these techniques.

Additionally, I promote my cooks, recipes and associated photography using all the main social media platforms and this year, 2017, have set up a website with a portfolio of my photography, recipes, reviews and recommendations.

I like to source good UK produced products from sustainable wood and charcoal, meat, fish and vegetables and cooking ingredients. Angus and Oink fit with my desire to utilise the best UK products and is great to see them at the forefront of the UK BBQ scene with their rubs and sauces.

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