Tomahawk Red Indian Pale Ale | Angus & Oink
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The Intrepid American Red Beer crouches in the long grass. Hopping beyond hops to burn brightly. Fill your nostrils, breathe deeply and consume with passion. Scalp that jackrabbit.


Our TOMAHAWK beer was brewed with the soul of America in its heart, a red beer to go with the solid BBQ culture we saw in Texas and Louisiana.


Rye and Tomahawk hops give the beer deep flavours which we finished with a bourbon hit from Jim Beam woodchips.


We pair this beer with our PitBoss BBQ Sauce and our Red Dawg Apache, which gives blasts of flavour from the Southern US.


Brisket, beef ribs, rich gumbos and jerky go with this beer oh so well.

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