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Picanha Rump Cap

Picanha 1Kg


1 KG whole piece that you can cut yourself to sections about 3 inch wide for grilling.

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Picanha is a popular cut in Brazil, grilled over charcoal where the cut is folded onto skewers. The outside of the meat is traditionally heavily salted and then sliced off at the table in thin slivers befrore being retuirned to the grill to cook again. Great on the rotisserie! Called Rump Cap in the U.S. or sirloin cap.

Season the meat with a little Tex Mex dust for added flavour!

The General – Tex Mex BBQ Dust

Of get some serious umami into the meat using Moo Mami power grilling powder!

Moo Mami – Ultimate Umami Grilling Powder


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