Buy McBrikett Folding Chimney Starter online now from Angus & Oink
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Foldable Chimney Starter
Foldable Chimney StarterFoldable Chimney Starter

McBrikett Folding Chimney Starter


Our collapsible chimney starter, also known as folding fireplace, is the ideal companion for all grills to want to space saving. Not only on the go, but you don’t have at home, always have the large space to prevent common Anzündzündkamine Easy to stow away. It is different now. Thanks to the space-saving characteristics and the high quality is the favourite of BBQ chimenea including the new staff for competitions and for grill professionals, the delicious BBQ event catering. With a height of 21 cm and an edge length of 15 cm is our folding fireplace Beautiful Large for 2 3kg charcoal and briquettes. However, when folded it fits in any backpack, picnic basket, accessories box or travel bag. Can be as a fountain pen or storage in the vollgepackten car boot. It comes with a durable black bag with adjustable carry straps, so that everything neatly packed and easy to wear. They are available in less than 10 seconds and tucked just as quickly when folded up.

  • Folding Charcoal lighter is made from stainless steel
  • Great for little storage space and for on the go
  • Ideal for days out and camping
  • Great for Koko long and eggs and Bambuko Carbon


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