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Flat Iron Steak
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Flat Iron Steak 227g (8oz)


Each Steak weights 227g (approx.)


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Flat Iron Steak comes from the shoulder of the animal and is full of beefy flavour. A great value steak (also known as the Bulter’s steak) with tremendous grain, it’s best cooked quickly to medium/ medium rare and sliced against the grain for better eating. We remove the tough internal interconnective tissue that runs through the middle of the flat iron steak muscle giving a great and tender piece of meat. This is great for slicing.

How to serve

Make up a chimichurri argentine sauce with finely chopped parsley, garlic, a handful of other herbs, olive oil, red wine vinegar and a finely diced red pepper. Get some nice charring on the outside and keep the inside medium rare for maximum flavour and tenderness. Slice the Flat Iorn steak across the grain of the steak for the best eating experience. A nice glass of our Tierra Del Fuego lager and your all set!

Were checking internal steak temps with the new Thermapen 4:

Weight 250 g


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