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Flank Steak
ChimichurriFlankBasting the bavetteCut bavette against the grain

Bavette Steak


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Bavette Steak is one of our favourite cuts and extremely flavoursome peice of meat. The steak is a heavily textured cut with full bore beefy flavour and amazing grain.  Try cooking the bavette to rare or medium rare at most and cut the piece against the grain for the best in tenderness. Bavette is the French word for flank steak

We pair this cut with our Gaucho Steak Seasoning which can be mixed down with olive oil and lemon juice to form a chimichurri. Baste the steak with the mixture during the cook to build up layers of flavours.

Try cooking the bavette away from the heat of the hot coals and with the lid of the BBQ closed while adding some wood above the fire. This reverse sear process imparts smoke flavour and cooks the steak evenly. Finish over the coals for a blast of char at the end.




250g+, 500g+


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