Tasty Rampant Burger recipe from Angus & Oink
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13 Sep Rampant Burger

[Total: 6    Average: 3/5]

Prep Time: 3 Hours

Total Time: 3.3 Hours

Servings 4 Person(s)


  • 150-200g of quality Aberdeen Angus Steak Mince per burger
  • A pinch of good quality flaky sea salt, and a pinch of fresh ground black pepper
  • A good tablespoon of Rampant Angus Scotch Bonnet Ketchup
  • A good quality Brioche Bun
  • A tablespoon of good quality Mayonnaise
  • Your choice of add ins, tomato slices, pickles, slaw, green stuff etc.


Season your mince with the salt and pepper, and stir through the Rampant Angus until well mixed.

Using a burger mould, I use a large metal ring spoon in the burger mix, press down with the back of a spoon. Make up all your burgers and leave in the fridge for and hour to set and allow the flavours of the sauce to mingle.

Set up a charcoal grill to a low to medium heat with a little oak smoke from oak smoking chips. Brush your grates with a little rapeseed oil to stop the burger sticking.

Place your burger on the grill grates for around 4/5 minutes then turn and cook for the same length of time on the other side. Cook the burger how you like it, I like mine cooked to medium around 55-60 deg C internal temp. Allow the burger to rest for a few minutes.

While resting toast your brioche buns quickly over the charcoal, and load up with your add ins, I went for lettuce, mayo, tomato, the burger, a slice of juicy pickle, and lashings of Rampant Angus over the top.

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