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Crab Cakes - Angus & Oink Ltd
Sweet Potato & Crab Cakes

These Crab Cakes absolutely rock the dance floor! Caribbean flavour infused through the crab meat with a sweet potato and...

Goat Curry

A beautiful simple curry that we cooked all day in the slow cooker. 1 pot clean-down victory!!! You can use...

Swordfish & Rotis - Angus & Oink Ltd
Swordfish & Roti

Traditionally served with shark meat and called Shark & Bate in Maracas Bay, Trinidad. We have adapted this to use...

Voodoo Doubles
Voodoo Doubles

Late night revelry and dancehall jive action can leave a brother all empty inside, so fill up on these natty...

Jerk Chicken Dinner - Angus & Oink Ltd
Jerk Chicken Dinner

Jerk Chicken be like a love affair!! Hot and tender, fiery an cool like dat. Cook this on the BBQ...

Pickled Pink - Angus & Oink Ltd
Pickled Pink Onions

This recipe is all about onions! Pink and beautiful, you will not believe the colour and flavour these add to...

Beef Cheek Quesadillas

A Tex-Mex classic, the quesadilla is ripe for filling with meat, cheese and chilli!! Folded wraps oozing with melted spicy...

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