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Pitboss BBQ sauce – the story so far…

04 Aug Pitboss BBQ sauce – the story so far…

There’s a tonne of BBQ sauce available on the UK market, but to be quite frank, a lot of it far too unnaturally sweet and breaking the moral code with liquid smoke oozing out the pores. And so we embarked on our mission to create a BBQ sauce with real authenticity, smokin’ flavours of nature and a poke in the eye to mass-produced baloney.


Having lived in South America and travelled (mostly eating non-stop) around the Southern US states, one thing we learned was that the people who live there know how cook. Regional variations of BBQ sauce that go with the styles of cooking particular to the areas are hugely satisfying, a blast of authenticity from the various homes of Q. The best ones use natural products that give authentic flavour from Mother Nature herself. So why wasn’t the UK living up to this standard dammit? We all deserve a BBQ sauce that compliments BBQ food – something that is bold and exciting, born of fire, smoke, as well as versatile and not filled with the unnecessary evils of mass production. We wanna eat BBQ food like its meant to be, not chemically induced moosh moosh soaked in sugary venom!

With a lot of research into the Texan roots of barbecue (we have the belly to prove it), a lot of tweaking and refining, much cooking of brisket and taking sausage rather too seriously, we finally came to the recipe we know today – the Pitboss Original BBQ sauce.

Big and bold, this is a Texas style dipping and table sauce, which goes amazingly well as a side to barbecue food, especially beef and sausage. It’s not a Kansas City sauce nor is it a South Carolina Sauce. Our Texas sauce has a deep smoky flavour, which comes from smoked paprika, smoked chillies and small batch Worcester sauce. It’s also not too sweet – something we have won high praise for – with a spiky herb taste, deep earthy tones that change with cooking and umami zen warrior strength.

Currently, the Pitboss BBQ sauce is one of our best selling, and has been very well received by chefs and BBQ aficionados from across the country. It’s never seen a stabiliser – full throttle!

It’s incredibly versatile, and if you don’t believe us, why not try out some of our Pitboss BBQ recipes, like the Smoked Pitboss Meatballs – great balls of fire with gooey, cheesy insides. We also glaze our burgers with it just to finish them off on the grill.

Also incredible for finishing wings, layering on brisket sandwiches, on pulled pork, for chip and dip and for marinating pretty much anything, it’s truly a dark horse super champ.

Want to give it a try? You can purchase it through our site right here.

Give us feedback and tell us what you think. The team at Angus & Oink are really proud of the Pitboss, and we hope you’ll love it just as much as we do.

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