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14 Aug Lick My Dip Subscription Hot Sauce Review

Written by The Curry Guy

I’m asked often to review products and services that are in line with my blog. I would love to do them all but unfortunately I just don’t have the time these days. Business calls and alas, recipe and product blogging has had to take a back seat for a while. A very short while I hope as I do love writing this blog.

Every now and then, however a service comes around that I feel it would be mean not to let you all know about. Most recently, that service was Lick My Dip Subscription Hot Sauce. You can visit their website here.

This new business is awesome! I love trying new hot sauces and chilli products. Sometimes I make my own but often I purchase hot sauces and chilli products from farm shops where I am most likely to find something different and interesting.

Lick My Dip has opened up a whole new way of finding and enjoying hot sauces and chilli products that I probably would never have found if it weren’t for this excellent new business.

The company sources hot sauces and chilli products from small producers and then sends them out monthly to subscribers. Each month you get to try between three and five new products. If you find one you like, you can purchase it from Lick My Dip’s online shop at reduced prices so you never need run out of your favourites.

Lick My Dip is unique in that they work with small producers of these fiery hot and delicious products to bring them to a new audience of chilli fans. For the low monthly price of £12.49 (including UK delivery) you receive a box of mouthwatering chilli products each month. Not in the UK? No worries. Lick My Dip will post internationally and at very reasonable prices. The subscription price is also discounted. If you were to purchase all of the products I received in my box separately, it would cost you around £27.00. No bad eh!

In the box I was sent, I received a bottle of VOODOO MANGO hot sauce that I used to marinate chicken for a barbecue we were having for a group of friends. Everyone loved it and I will definitely be purchasing more.

There was also this bar of PSYCHO CHOCOLATE. I love salted caramel chocolate but this took it to a new level. I’m telling you, if you love your hot chillies, this is one chocolate bar you’ve got to try. My daughter doesn’t like spicy food but loves chocolate. I left some out on a plate knowing she would sneak a piece. I don’t think she’ll be doing that again.

Finally, I’ve found a chocolate product that is all mine!


Also supplied with my Lick My Dip box was a pack of dried Ghost chilli flakes. I made a naga kangaroo curry with them that was out of this world. I used quite a lot but still have over half a pack left for the next time I want to feel pain. What a great product!

There was also a pack of Carolina chilli seeds to grow. I kill everything I plant so I gave them to a gardener friend who has promised to share the harvest.

I can hardly wait for the next Lick My Dip box to arrive. If you enjoy spicy food and trying new things, you will want to subscribe to this service. It is worth noting that there is more information about the producers of all of the products supplied each month on Lick My Dips’s blog. You can find it here



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