Cocoa Chipotle Cartel | Angus & Oink
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This revolutionary Mexican Porter is a gun toting celebration of skullduggery. Immerse yourself in the ‘pinche’ underworld of robust pleasure. No Me Jodas Marica y no mandarme frustas.(lit: Don’t mess with me and don’t send me fruit)


Our Cocoa Chipotle Cartel is an oatmeal porter with silky smoothness that is embellished with a delightful chocolaty aroma and a hint of chipotle chilli on the palate. Mexico is dark, yet light, smooth and spicy.


A celebration of life on the hard side of town. So many flavours in Mexico from chocolate to chilies.


We devote this beer to tacos which are a food group of their very own. Watch out for us adding pork belly ribs and pork shoulder to our butchery counter and a new Mexican sauce and spikey taco seasoning!

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