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We are delighted to be able to offer you delivery of our amazing beers in conjunction with Borsalino’s Bottle Shop.


This will not only allow us to deliver our very own beers to you throughout the UK but to also offer a range of rather nifty beer selections which we will change up every month. Keep signed up with us to make sure we send you the new monthly beer packs and special offers! Cheers!

An oatmeal porter with silky smoothness that is embellished with a delightful chocolaty aroma and a hint of chipotle chilli on the palate. Mexico is dark, yet light, smooth and spicy.

Rye and Tomahawk hops give the beer deep flavours which we finished with a bourbon hit from Jim Beam woodchips.

Passion Session is brewed with freshness and the spirit of Rio. Full of nature, citrus and alive with passion.

Angus & Oink is a company devoted to BBQ from the Southern states & South America. Fire, Smoke, Food and Fiesta bring the world to life. Our Sauce collection will evolve and we’ll bring you more flavours from Mexico, Peru and Argentina but before we start, heck we could do with a beer!


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