Aberdeen’s Carnivores Dared To Take On The CUE Overload Burger Challenge To Benefit Local Food Banks | Angus & Oink
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29 Feb Aberdeen’s Carnivores Dared To Take On The CUE Overload Burger Challenge To Benefit Local Food Banks

Are y’all brave enough?

The Angus & Oink Pit Boss and new eatery, CUE Barbeque, are daring Aberdeen’s carnivores to take on the CUE Overload burger challenge, officially launching tomorrow evening, (Tuesday, 1st March 2016), in a bid to raise cash for the city’s local food banks.

The monstrous meat feast consists of four 4oz beef patties, lashings of fiery Texas Cantina chilli, ¼ lb jalapeno sausage, ¼ lb Pitmaster pulled pork, 1lb CUE smoked brisket, smoky bacon, onion rings and cheese sauce in a sesame brioche bun, with a side of seasoned fries and ‘slaw.

Contenders must consume the meal in 30 minutes of being served. Those who fail will be asked to pay for the £30 meal, with a £5 proceed being donated towards the purchase of non-perishable food for Aberdeen’s Trussell Trust Food Banks. Those who take on the challenge and win will get the meal for free.

Scott Fraser, Angus & Oink Pit Boss, says: “We wanted to create a challenge that would really test contenders with even the biggest appetites and the largest of bellies. We’ve trialled the challenge in the restaurant over the past couple of weeks, refining the flavours to present challengers with a succulent, flavour-packed barbecue experience that encompasses the boldest, wood-smoked, meaty cuts on the menu. So far we haven’t had any successful contenders as, once you get going, it’s a lot more to eat than you think.”

Chris Tonner, managing director of CUE Barbeque, a part of the Beetroot Restaurants group, continues: “With any food challenge, you will find there is some subsequent food waste of some sort. To counteract this, we have decided to donate £5 from each failed challenge towards the purchase of tins of soup, beans, and other non-perishable food to those who need it the most. Although many might not instantly be aware of it, demand on the city’s food banks has risen considerably over the past year. Food is something we take for granted sometimes, so to help give something back to those who really need it just seems right.”

The Aberdeen Roughnecks, a local American football team, are amongst some of the first to take on the challenge, with twelve team members primed and ready to take on the smoky, spicy CUE Overload on Tuesday night.

Richard Roach, Lineman for Aberdeen Roughnecks, says: “The roughnecks linemen meet up once a month and either find some sort of food challenge or an all-you-can-eat place. Last month we visited CUE for the meat platter and we spoke with Chris about how the flavours were amazing but the quantities were missing. After some bravado-filled jestful taunts, he rose to the challenge and came out with this monster.

“We aren’t professional eaters but we do love our food and have tried a few eating challenges. We’re confident that at a few of our larger roughnecks will do us proud and get the win before the final whistle!”

The team kick-off their eating challenge at 6.45pm tomorrow evening at CUE Barbeque, 1 Alford Lane, Aberdeen.

To take on the CUE Overload burger challenge or to make another reservation call CUE Barbeque on 01224 589109 or email hello@cuebbq.co.uk

For a look at the full menu visit www.cuebbq.co.uk

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