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26 Aug A little about us….

Scott & Malissa Fraser

Angus & Oink began in 2014 after Malissa and Scott Fraser began to develop their own products, similar to those they’d experienced when living and working overseas in the Southern US South America. Cooking had always been a passion, especially grilling, soul food and wood fired BBQ. Discovering sauces and grilled meat combinations all over the continent changed their culinary outlook, and they hoped to bring these taste sensations to the UK market where they just weren’t available.

The man and wife team grew the evolving BBQ lifestyle business through 2015 and made several strategic alignments to add capabilities to the business structure. Angus & Oink’s focus is on the growing Barbecue, Street Food and Hot Sauce markets where we deliver natural products that deliver on taste and authentic flavours.

The business initially started by selling to a few products to local butchers, but we have since widened our outlet portfolio to over 25 locations in Scotland. We now supply sauce and rubs to several restaurants and hotels and works with a number of distributers to expand the products availability in the marketplace.

Going global: A&O has now delivered products to Europe and as far afield as Japan!

Our local alliances have meant we are able to produce increased quantities of sauce and seasonings, while developing our marketing materials and visibility.

We’ve also started a collection of amazing recipes, helping you get the most out of A&O products. But this is only the beginning of our journey…. stay tuned for further developments!

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